Rabbinic Judaism End Times Prophecy – Withe the help of Angels and God, The Jewish Messiah will kill Jesus ( their ‘Anti-Christ’), again ?

This is the mark of Armilus (the Jewish Anti-Christ)  : the color of the hair of his head is similar to gold


[ Italy, Gaul, Iraq, and Iran will fight the Jewish Messiah]

The fourth king is Glū’as (Julius?), and the name of his city is Galya (Gaul?). The fifth king is Ramōshdīs, and the name of his city is Mōdītīka. The sixth king is Mōqlanōs, and the name of his city is Italia. The seventh king is ’Ōktīnōs, and the name of his city is Dōrmīs.  The eighth king is ’Aplōstōs from Mesopotamia. The ninth king is Šērōy, the king of Persia.

[A Virgin Stone Statue is his mother]

Now this Armilos will take his mother—(the statue) from whom he was spawned—from the ‘house of filth’ [a Roman Church ? ]of the scornful ones, and from every place and from every nation they will come and worship that stone, burn offerings to her, and pour out libations to her. No one will be able to view her face due to her beauty. Anyone who refuses to worship her will die in agony (like?) animals.

[The Anti-Messiah the spawn of Satan will conquer the world nd issue in Famine]

The tenth king is Armilos, the son of Satan who emerged from the sculpted stone. He will gain sovereignty over all of them. He will come along with the rulers of Qedar and the inhabitants of the East and provoke a battle in the Valley of ’Arb’el, and they will take possession of the kingdom. He will ascend with his force and subdue the entire world.  From there in Riblah, which is Antioch, he will begin to erect all the idols of the nations on the face of the earth and to serve their gods, those whom the Lord hates. During those days ‘there will be reward for neither human nor beast’ (cf. Zech 8:10). He will construct four altars, and he will anger the Lord with his wicked deeds. There will be a very terrible and harsh famine upon the surface of the whole land for forty days—their food will stem from the salt-plant; leaves plucked from shrubbery and broom to sustain them (cf. Job 30:4). On that day ‘a fountain will flow forth from the Temple of the Lord and fill the Wadi Shittim’ (Joel 4:18).


[Buthe Jewish remnant that survives will slay the Anti-Messiah ]

All who see him will tremble before him. Menahem will come up from the Wadi Shittim and breathe in the face of Armilos and thereby slay him, just as it is written: ‘he will slay the wicked one with the breath of his mouth’ (Isa 11:4). Israel will take possession of the kingdom; ‘the holy ones of the Most High will receive sovereign power’ (Dan 7:18).


Sefer Zerubbabel, John C. Reevs



[Armilus is the Jewish Anti-Messiah who is born of a virgin birth, preaches the New Testament Gospels, and is accepted by the Christians as God incarnate]


variants in these three versions—the Zerubbabel seems to show the earlier, shorter form—they agree in the following description of Armilus: In Rome there is a splendid marble statue of a beautiful girl which God Himself made in the beginning of the world (), according to the version given in “Tefillat R. Simon.” Through sexual intercourse of evil men, or even of Satan himself, with this statue, a terrible creature in human form was produced, whose dimensions as well as shape were equally monstrous. This creature, Armilus by name—the Gentiles called him Antichrist, says the “Otot”—will set himself up as Messiah, even as God Himself, being recognized as such by the sons of Esau, that is, by the Christians. He agrees to accept as his doctrine the Gospels, which the Christians lay before him (“B. H.” ii. 60; tiflatam—not tefillotam—signifying something offensive, morally as well as religiously, whereas tefillotam signifies their prayers).



[The Christian Messiah Armilus calls the Jews to the Gospels but the Jews resist and a physical battle occurs where the Christian Messiah slays one million Jews]


Then he turns to the Jews, especially to their leader, Nehemiah b. Ḥushiel, saying, “Bring your Torah and acknowledge that I am God.” Nehemiah and his followers open the Torah and read to Armilus, “I am the Lord, thy God; thou shalt have no other gods before me.” But as Armilus nevertheless insists upon being recognized as God by the Jews, and they cry out to him that he is Satan and not God, a bitter battle breaks out between Armilus with an immense heathen army on the one side, and Nehemiah with 30,000 Jewish heroes on the other. This unequal combat ends in the death of the “Ephraimite Messiah” and a million Jews.


[Only the righteous Jewish remnant survives with those unworthy of the Soldier Messiah perishing; they are joined by Angelic Forces to do battle with the Christian Messiah ]


After an interval of forty-five days, during which the Jews unworthy of the Messianic glory die out (compare the similar statement in reference to the liberation from Egypt found already in the old Haggadah, Mekilta, BeshallaḦ, i., ed. Weiss, p. 29), and the remnant have shown their true worth in sore trials and bitter sufferings in the desert whither they will have fled, Michael will blow his trumpet; then the Messiah and Elijah will appear, gather the dispersed of Israel, and proceed to Jerusalem.


[The Christian Messiah is slain by the Jewish remnant with Angels and God on their side ; His heathen Gentile followers perish in a firestorm from Heaven ( tactical nuclear weapons? ]


Armilus, inflamed against the Jews, will march against the Messiah. But now God Himself will war against Armilus and his army and destroy them; or the Messiah, as one version has it, will slay Armilus by the breath of his mouth (Jellinek, “B. H.” ii. 51, line 3, where the text is probably corrupt; compare II Thess. ii. 8). According to a Roman legend (see Eusebius, “Chronicon,” I. xlvi. 7, ed. Migne, pp. 283, 284, and Book II. anno 1145), it was an Armilus who presumed to war with Jupiter, and was slain by the latter’s thunderbolt. In the Armilus legend the Messiah takes the place of Jupiter, and here also Armilus is slain by fire and sulphur from heaven (Jellinek, “B. H.” ii. 62)


ARMILUS: By: Kaufmann Kohler, Louis Ginzberg , Jewish Encyclopedia




[Edom in the Talmudic literature is code for Rome, Europe, , or Christianity – sometimes censored and replaced by ‘swine’ ]

The name “Edom” is used by the Talmudists for the Roman empire, and they applied to Rome every passage of the Bible referring to Edom or to Esau. In Leviticus Rabbah (xiii.) Rome, under the name of “Edom,” is compared to a boar, and the symbolic name “Seir” was used by the poets of the Middle Ages not only for Rome (comp. Ecclus. 1. 26, Hebr.), but also for Christianity (Zunz, “Literaturgesch.” p. 620). On this account the word “Edom” was often expunged by the censor and another name substituted (Popper, “Censorship of Hebrew Books,” p. 58). In place of “Edom,” the word “Ḥazir” (swine) was occasionally used, perhaps as a mere term of reproach (but see Epstein, “Beiträge zur Jüd. Alterthumskunde,” p. 35).


EDOX, IDUMEA (, ‘Ιδονμάια): By: Richard Gottheil, M. Seligsohn




[[Armilus is the Christian Messiah , political leader of Europe , and religious leader of the Christians]


Armilus must be understood within the context assigned to him throughout

Torah literature. He is said to be the head of Edom, the King of Rome, and the ultimate enemy of Yisrael. Armi lus thus is taught to both sit as head of the  Catholic Church and as head of the nations of United Europe, which toda y can be a reference to the European  Union.  As such Armilus will represent that world body (the Church) wh ich claims to represent the true messiah of Yisrael. Armilus is thus said to be the anti-messiah,


[ From the Jewish perspective, Armilus is Jesus and the Jewish Anti-Messiah i.e. the Christian Messiah is the Jewish Anti-Messiah, and the Jewish messiah is the Christin Anti-Christ]


What makes the Christian term “anti-Christ” so ironic is tha t the Armilus “anti-Christ” is to be the one who is to  confront YHWH’s true Moshiach. The Christians who believe their  “Christ JESUS” is Messiah are destined to be led  and ruled over by one who heads the Church as their Messiah, but who in  reality will be their own anti-Christ. During  his political reign none of this is to be apparent, at least unt  il the true Moshiach Yahshua comes again and destroys  both Church and the false “Christ” (who is the Armilus/Jesus). How  ironic that the one whom the Christians believe  will lead them to world domination will be none other than the archet

ype adversary of both YHWH and Yisrael. To  say it bluntly, the coming “Christ” will be the anti-Messiah. How ironic this will be for sincere, moral and good Christians around the world. The identity of Armilus, anti-Messiah, with Christ/Jesus must  be explained. For the Christians are waiting for what they believe will be a second coming of “JESUS” and indeed they will have this. Christ will come again. JESUS will

indeed “return”, and he will return to lead his “Church” in the final and ultimate ba ttle against his brothers, Yisrael. Of the numerous conjectures about the origin of the name Armilus , the most probable is that it is derived from  Romulus (founder of Rome, with Remus ), although other uggestions are that it may be a corruption of Angra- Mainyu 2 , the Persian Elohim of evil, or from the Greek ‘A imanoj (Ahriman 3 ). The legend that he was born of a beautiful virgin likewise connects it with  Rome


[Note previously, the Jewish Messiah will slay the Christian Messiah (Jesus Christ )  in Jewish End times prophecy , aided by their God and Angels , with fire from Heaven]


Who is Armilus?  Rabbi Levi bar Ido / B’nai Avraham

Who is Armilus? – B’nai Avraham Messianic Congregation




[Note the 2nd death of Jesus Christ occurs as a result of his sorcery ( miracles) and collaboration with Satan – mirroring the 1st death as described in later Jewish commentary ]


The Jewish Text [describes the 1st coming of Jesus Christ and his judicial murder ]

The Babylonian Talmud is a commentary on Jewish laws composed between A.D. 500-600 (Neusner/Green, 69) Therein is a text about Jesus’ death. The Tractate Sanhedrin (43a) contains this passage:

Jesus was hanged on Passover Eve. Forty days previously the herald had cried, “He is being led out for stoning, because he has practiced sorcery and led Israel astray and enticed them into apostasy. Whosoever has anything to say in his defense, let him come and declare it.” As nothing was brought forward in his defense, he was hanged on Passover Eve.

An analysis of this paragraph is extremely rewarding. First, one must observe that the document is written from the Jewish viewpoint; thus, as expected, is hostile to Jesus, and is defensive of Jewish jurisprudence. This makes it all the more valuable as a document for the support of Christianity.


The Jewish Talmud and the Death of Christ BY WAYNE JACKSON


Jesus-in-the-Jewish-End-Times (pdf)

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